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More than 1 billion people world wide lack access to safe drinking water. Children die every day from water-related diseases. Sustaining life means ensuring that there is enough fresh water for all.

Hosted by acclaimed actress Lynn Redgrave, and produced for the Interfaith Broadcasting Commission by the United Church of Christ, "Troubled Waters" explores the critical issues of water shortage through the lends of faith and from the perspective of people in Bolivia, Malawi, the Middle East, and the United States who struggle daily to find access to clean, safe water. From creation to cleansing, water is central to the story and mysteries of our faith traditions. In this gripping documentary, religious and community leaders, water experts and everyday people address the urgent need for action in the midst of a global crisis: the diminishing availability of fresh water due to war, corporate greed, pollution, overpopulation, and drought. Despite the shortages, some see water as a commodity to be bought and sold for profit. However, faith teaches us that water is a right given to all. The documentary made its debut on ABC TV stations in the fall of 2006.

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