The Bible and Human Sexuality - DVD and Study Guide

The Bible and Human Sexuality - DVD and Study Guide Sale


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The Bible and Human Sexuality is edited and complied by Victor Cyrus-Franklin and the Rev. Damaris E. Ortega, based on a presentation by Dr. Randall C. Bailey.

The richness of scripture fills our lives, challenges us and makes us whole. Today, not only the United Church of Christ but across this land, some of the critical issues of our day revolve around human sexuality; and before we take our stand on the issue, before we fall into the trap of erroneous preconceived notions that so often devastate and continue to impact our communities, we need to know our sources.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This material contains mature subject matter about human sexuality. It is intended for educational purposes. It should be viewed by minors only in the accompaniment of their legal guardian.

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