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The Fabric of Our Lives Project is an advocacy project of Global Ministries partner, YWCA of Palestine in its Rights for Women for Peace, Security and Dignity program. The purposes of the project are to raise awareness on the importance of refugee rights and to support women's livelihoods and their families.

When you purchase this hand-embroidered reader cover, you are also supporting this vital program of the YWCA of Palestine and the women who participate in it. (The entire cost goes to the YWCA of Palestine.) 

The YWCA of Palestine was one of the first organizations to provide services for Palestinian refugees, even before the camps were established in 1948-49. At the time of the establishment of the State of Israel, more than 750,000 Palestinians became refugees in the West Bank, Gaza, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon; and more than 525 Palestinian towns and villages were destroyed. The Fabric of Our Lives project seeks to shed light on the ongoing forced displacement and dispossession still taking place throughout Palestine, and the implications that this has on communities, especially women and children.

Front of bag shown. Back is black.

Will fit:  4 3/4" H x 7" W

 Sales support the YWCA of Palestine as part of their Peace and Justice work.

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