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This three-part DVD is a continuing series of proclamations about the nature of mission and ministry in the United Church of Christ. Recommended viewing for new members, as well as those who may need to be reminded of what it means to belong to the United Church of Christ. The Celebration video series is a must for every church video library.

Part One: Who Do We Say We Are?
The first video in this series, "Who Do We Say We Are?" profiles three members from around the country and illustrates how their faith journeys intersect with the historic work of the UCC. These inspiring, contemporary stories are supported by historical images that create a context that both informs and inspires the viewer.
Part Two: Where All Are Welcome
The second video in this series, "Where All Are Welcome," shows the varied ways in which UCC members reach out to others, and how our church lives into its commitment to be a multiracial, multicultural, open and affirming church, accessible to all. The featured stories share a common thread: Every person has worth. Every person has gifts to share. Every person has a place at Christ's banquet table - an important message that is central to the mission and ministry of the UCC.

Part Three: Why We Teach and How We Learn
The final video in this series, "Why We Teach and How We Learn," highlights the integral role that education plays in the United Church of Christ. Whether guiding students through the Talladega College campus, teaching chemistry in the classroom of a local high school, hosting eye-opening trips to the Philippines, or ministering God's word to a youth group in the basement of a church, UCC educators are preparing students (young and old) for the world. By sharing their personal faith stories, these wise women and men lay the foundation upon which countless others will build their own lives of faith.



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