Your Life Better - 50 Books for $25

Your Life Better - 50 Books for $25 Sale


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The YOUR LIFE, BETTER series offers transformative, creative, and straightforward ways to add spirituality and health to your everyday experiences. Each full-color book provides 20 ideas to nourish your spiritual life. See for yourself how they can make your life better. Perfect to give as gifts or even to place in your church narthex.

This amazing offer includes five each of the following titles:
20 Habits of Happy People
20 Lessons on Caring for Elderly Parents
20 Life Lessons Learned from Cooking
20 Life Lessons that Parenting Can Teach You
20 Life Lessons that Walking Your Dog Can Teach You
20 Spiritual Practices that Yard Work Can Teach You
20 Ways to Add More Prayer to Your Life
20 Ways to Keep Sabbath
20 Ways to Live Through Anxious Times
20 Ways to Thrive with a Chronic Illness

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