Your First Bible | A Reading Guide for Kids

Your First Bible | A Reading Guide for Kids


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This is a reading guide, not a Bible. Click here for preview.

In many churches, it's common practice to present 4th graders with a Bible. And for some of those kids, it will be the first Bible they receive. Your First Bible: A Reading Guide for Kids is designed to go with that Bible, so kids will learn not only how to read and understand it, but to develop a lifelong love of the Bible. 

Your First Bible is broken down into the following kid-friendly, totally cool categories:  
12 Great Stories from the Old Testament
6 Great Stories ABOUT Jesus
4 Great Stories BY Jesus
5 Stories About Kids
8 Girl Power Stories
6 Awesome Miracle Stories
4 Really Gross Moments in the Bible
Read This When You Are Nervous, Worried or Totally Freaked Out

Also includes "The Bible, My Church, and Me!"—a quick-start guide to reading the Bible—and a section for parents on how to read the Bible with their kids.

Click here for preview.

From the Stillspeaking Writers' Group. Contributors: Ivy Beckwith, Matt Fitzgerald, Matthew Laney, and Michaela McDonald.

Purchase a 5-pack for $20.00 or a single copy for $6.99.

32 pages / softcover / 6" x 9"

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