Within Sacred Circles | Meditations and Mandala Quilts (Towner-Larsen)

Within Sacred Circles | Meditations and Mandala Quilts (Towner-Larsen) Sale


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Within Sacred Circles follows on the success of Towner-Larsen's first book, With Sacred Threads: Quilting and the Spiritual Life.

From around the world and throughout the ages, circular symbols have been an integral part of centering one's spirit and expressing wholeness. Mandalas are a sacred expression of this universal need for circular symbols, and quilted mandalas combine the spiritual energy and meditative practices of two artistic, timeless worlds--the world of mandalas and the world of quilts.

It is the author's hope that this book will connect the traditions, uses, and symbolism of mandalas with the spirituality of quilters and the stories of their mandalas. Each chapter is based on a theme common to mandalas and to the spiritual life. Along with each theme reflection is a picture of a quilted mandala, the story of the quilt as told by its creator ("Sacred Story"), plus some prayers, holy text, and suggestions for meditation or making your own mandala ("Sacred Circles").

Susan Towner-Larsen
is an avid quilter and served within the National Offices of the United Church of Christ.
Paperback: 142 pages (7 x 7 in.)

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