Whose Land? Whose Promise? Revised & Updated (Burge)

Whose Land? Whose Promise? Revised & Updated (Burge)


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Because events in the Middle East continue to escalate in tragic complexity, Christians still struggle with making sense of it all. In this updated version of Whose Land? Whose Promise? , Gary Burge further explores the personal emotions and opinions; and sharpens his theological argument in the context of the new developments surrounding the crisis in the Middle East.  Whose Land? Whose Promise? offers insight for the thoughtful reader on an explosive topic and challenges personal truths on peace. Whose Land? Whose Promise? What Christians Are Not Being Told about Israel and the Palestinians is Gary Burge's personal exploration of his feelings about the crisis in the Middle East, put on paper to communicate with other Christians.

Gary M. Burge
is professor of New Testament at Wheaton College & Graduate School. He is president of Evangelicals for Middle East Understanding and the author of three books.


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