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"I was afraid of dying, so I became a hospice chaplain," says Fred Grewe. "I figured if I hung around with Death, made friends with him, at a safe distance, I'd get used to him, and he wouldn't be so scary. So, for the past nine years I have had the privilege to journey with more than a thousand folks who have gone on to the other side." Grewe discovered that a significant by-product of the time he's spent with the dying is that it's made him less afraid of his own death, and that he's come to see Death as "the natural conclusion to this first act we call Life." He invites you, as you read the 23 stories in this book, to think of them as "facets of a beautiful diamond - each presenting its own particular clarity and offering a unique perspective on what it means to create a life that is spiritually rich." He hopes that in sharing these stories readers will have a similar experience in coming to terms with their own dying and living.

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Praise for the book

"A powerful witness to the rawest of human experiences -- death and loss. A great gift to those who minister to the dying and bereaved and a testament to the wondrous human ability to grow even in grief and loss." - Kenneth Doka, Senior Consultant, The Hospice Foundation of America

"Fred invites caregivers to find anew their own pastoral identities in sharing his bittersweet stories of learning to listen faithfully to the dying in hospital and hospice settings. Without intending it, Grewe offers a model for discovering through reflections on larger spiritual stories the 'awful grace' that emerges out of the peculiar messiness and woundedness, vulnerability and openness, humility and gratitude which form every caregiver." - The Rev. Dr. Scott K Davis, Pastor, Brickerville United Lutheran Church; Board Certified Chaplain, retired


Fred Grewe is a Board Certified Chaplain (Association of Professional Chaplains) with a Master's Degree in Pastoral Care from the Aquinas School of Theology in St. Louis and an ordained Congregationalist minister working for Providence Hospice in Medford, Oregon. He began his work with the dying in the early 1990s.

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