Wellness Ministries | Toolkit

Wellness Ministries | Toolkit


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Presented by UCC Wellness Ministries

About this Toolkit

This Toolkit will assist you in understanding the basis for Wellness Ministries and their role as we strive to care for all God’s children. It is meant to assist the process as your congregation develops its programs based on the resources and needs of its congregation and the community it serves. We hope you find it useful as you develop creative, new ways to best meet the healing and health needs of your congregation and the community you serve.

This project was spearheaded by Peggy Matteson, a Faith Community Nurse and Minister of Congregational Health, and made possible through the collective efforts of members of the Wellness Ministries Leadership Team past and present, and many others within the UCC.  A very special thanks to Rev. Michael Schuenemeyer, Minister and Team Leader, Health & Wholeness Advocacy, UCC National Ministries for his years of collaboration with us.

Wellness Toolkit (Free Download only)


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