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Under Wraps | The Gift We Never Expected Under Wraps | The Gift We Never Expected

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Unwrap the real meaning of Christmas.

Under Wraps is an all-church Advent experience that explores the character of God described in the Old Testament and then revealed through Jesus Christ. Through small group resources for all ages, teaching video, worship ideas and visuals, sermon lead-in videos, and preaching guides, all areas of church life weave together for an exciting, new Advent celebration.

Three components are available:
Book - The centerpiece of the program, serving as the adult small-group resource and the source of content for worship planners and leaders. Each week centers on a key word that describes a characteristic of God that is evidenced in the Old Testament and then seen more clearly through Jesus: faithful, dangerous, expectant and jealous. Additional material on the theme of "Joy" is provided for an optional Christmas week focus.

Leader's Guide - Contains four session plan outlines, complete with discussion points and questions, activities, prayers, and more - plus leader helps for facilitating a group and incorporating the video.

DVD - Contains four video segments of approximately 10-15 minutes each for use during the group sessions featuring each author/pastor teaching. All video sessions are closed captioned.

Sessions include:

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