Torn | Rescuing the Gospel from the Gay-Vs.-Christians Debate (Lee)

Torn | Rescuing the Gospel from the Gay-Vs.-Christians Debate (Lee) Sale


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"Disarmingly vulnerable. . .poignant."- Christianity Today
"Lee's writing is approachable, and he shows compassion for those on all sides of this
debate." - Kirkus Reviews

The debate has torn us apart. It's time to come back together.

As a teenager and young man, Justin Lee felt deeply torn. Nicknamed "God Boy" by his peers, he knew that he was called to a life in the evangelical Christian ministry. But Lee harbored a secret: He also knew that he was gay. In this groundbreaking book, Lee recalls the events - his coming out to his parents, his experiences with the ex-gay movement, and his in-depth study of the Bible - that led him, eventually, to self-acceptance.

But more than just a memoir, Torn provides insightful, practical guidance for all committed Christians who wonder how to relate to gay friends or family members, or who struggle with their own sexuality. Convinced that, in a culture that sees gays and Christians as enemies, gay Christians are in a unique position to bring peace, Lee demonstrates that people of faith on both sides of the debate can respect, learn from, and love one another.

Justin Lee
is the founder and executive director of The Gay Christian Network (GCN), a nonprofit, interdenominational organization working to increase dialogue between gays and Christians and support people on both sides wrestling with related issues. A passionate Christian from a conservative evangelical background, Justin thought he knew everything there was to know about the Christian approach to homosexuality-until unexpected events turned his world upside down and forced him to reconsider everything he believed. Today, his organization works with individuals, families, and churches to stop the debate from tearing people apart.

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