The Spinner Prince | Pride Wars

The Spinner Prince | Pride Wars


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The Spinner Prince, the first book in the Pride Wars series by UCC pastor and Stillspeaking Daily Devotional writer Matt Laney is now available!

Written for young readers, ages 10-12, The Spinner Prince has fans of all ages and introduces a world where honor and duty, ferocity and faith are tested by an unexpected hero.

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“Outstanding! Read it to my kids (9 and 11) and we often couldn't put it down! Wonderful, unique, highly imaginative story with memorable feline-human characters who leap off the page. Nice to see themes of faith and spirituality gently woven in. Laney might be the new CS Lewis. Can't wait for the sequel!”“The Spinner Prince promises to be a new beloved series in the same vein of awesome, enduring series” like “the Narnia books, the Wrinkle in Time Trilogy, and The Lord of the Rings.”

Definitely would make a great book club book for girls and boys.  

I am reading it aloud to my students now and have pointed out to them the feminism touches......female warriors and high ranking female officials in the Royal Army. This is so wonderful for young girls to see their gender in such a way. I was sad to see it end and can't wait for the next book to come out.

My son loves adventure stories, tales that promise hope and characters that take him to other lands, realms, times. The Spinner Prince does all of this, while raising important questions about truth, faith and freedom. He hasn’t enjoyed a book this much since he finished the Harry Potter series. He talked about it so much our 15 year old read it! In turn, he endorsed it so highly that I dove in. Two late nights later the three of us had a fun debate about the novel’s claims and underlying assumptions. This is a fantastic book. I can’t wait for the next volume.

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Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Publication Date: March 6, 2018
Binding: Hardcover

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