The Church that Multiplies | Growing a Healthy Cell Church in North America (Comiskey)

The Church that Multiplies | Growing a Healthy Cell Church in North America (Comiskey) Sale


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This is the totally updated and re-titled edition of of the older book Cell Church Solutions. Includes all new statistics, new churches, new resources and more.

Many people are asking, "Does the cell church strategy work in North America?" This book not only declares that the cell church concept does work in North America, but explains how to make cell churches work in North America by giving practical examples and instructions. The book dedicates an entire chapter to examining North American churches that are successfully using the cell strategy to grow in quality and quantity. This book also examines North American culture and how to overcome the obstacles that confront small group ministry here.

Praise for The Church that Multiplies:

"Dr. Comiskey is the most persuasive chronicler of the cell church movement. His new book is ground-breaking and challenging." - Richard Peace, Ph.D.,Professor of Evangelism and Spiritual Formation, Fuller Theological

"Comiskey provides practical answers to the tough questions asked by people with a passion for growing communities in North America." - Dr. Peter N. Nanfelt, former President, The Christian and Missionary Alliance

"I've read everything Comiskey has written! The reason is that he's so practical! The Church that Multiplies won't disappoint you." - Jay Firebaugh,Senior Pastor of Clearpoint, Houston, Texas

"By Joel's clearly identifying the obstacles and solutions, the reader is compelled to consider becoming a cell/celebration church." - Dr. Kevin Mannoia, Graduate Chaplain, Azusa Pacific University

"Joel Comiskey throws a lifeline to church leaders who are struggling to measure up to the 'super star' pastor status." - Damian Williams, Church Planter, Cross Current Ministries, Washington DC

Publisher: CCS Publishing

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