Sensuous Spirituality | Out from Fundamentalism, Revised & Expanded (Mollenkott)

Sensuous Spirituality | Out from Fundamentalism, Revised & Expanded (Mollenkott) Sale


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Sensuous Spirituality: Out from Fundamentalism, originally published in 1992, is about integration of sexuality and spirituality, social activism and personal peace, males and their "feminine" component, females and their "masculine" component, transgender people and full social appreciation. Mollenkott discusses the Bible, the erotic, the gender continuum, the human imaging of God, procreative self-direction, interpretive communities, family-church parallels, and much more -- all in an autobiographical context and "generic feminine" language.

This revised and expanded edition features, in addition to a new preface and conclusion, nearly 60 new sources, new sections and discussions on numerous controversial issues regarding sexuality, gender, and religion and an index.

Virginia Ramey Mollenkott
is professor emeritus of English at William Paterson University in Wayne, New Jersey. She is the author of more than twelve books.

Paperback: 256 pages (6 x 9 in.)

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