Quilted Placemats for Mission (4-Packs)

Quilted Placemats for Mission (4-Packs)


Quilted Placemats for Mission (4-Packs) Quilted Placemats for Mission (4-Packs) Quilted Placemats for Mission (4-Packs) Quilted Placemats for Mission (4-Packs) Quilted Placemats for Mission (4-Packs) Quilted Placemats for Mission (4-Packs) Quilted Placemats for Mission (4-Packs) Quilted Placemats for Mission (4-Packs)

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Global Ministries is excited to share the opportunity to receive a set of four beautiful, quilted placemats made by Sue Johnson, former Global Ministries mission personnel, while you support God’s global mission through Global Ministries.

Sue Johnson has enjoyed the hobby of quilting for many years. Looking for a way to enjoy this hobby while taking up less space, she decided to begin making quilted placemats. Almost 30 years ago, she gave her first sets of quilted Christmas placemats as gifts to her family and friends. Recognizing how her family and friends cherished these placemats, Sue decided to offer her placemats at her local church’s Christian Women’s Fellowship Bazaar. The proceeds from each placemat were sent to Global Ministries to support global mission. Soon the placemats became increasingly popular, and Sue began receiving invitations to offer the “Placemats for Mission” at various events. Sue has travelled with her placemats to local church events, Regional Assemblies, and gift bazaars around Illinois and the Midwest, and they have provided generous support of global mission through Global Ministries.

Sue and Gene Johnson served as Global Ministries Mission Personnel in Congo from 1957-1971. Sue served as an educator in Boende, a field treasurer in Monieka, and in many other capacities during their three terms. Dr. Gene Johnson was a medical doctor, and his medical outreach ministry was greatly increased when their home community of Galesburg, Illinois donated a small plane so he could fly to remote understaffed clinics. Gene and Sue continue to stay close to Global Ministries and the life-giving work of partners.

Placemats are available in a variety of fabrics, making them perfect for seasonal or everyday use. Through your gift to Global Ministries, you not only receive a beautiful set of quilted placemats, but you are participating in Global Ministries mission to receive and share the Good News of Jesus Christ by joining with global and local partners to work for justice, reconciliation and peace. Proceeds from the placemats will be used to support the microcredit program of the Community of Disciples of Christ in the Congo.

 Sold in packs of 4

To learn more about Global Ministries or the CDCC Microcredit project, visit https://www.globalministries.org/microcredit_congo, call 317-713-2555, or email gifts@dom.disciples.org.

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