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In Prophetic Renewal: Hope for the Liberal Church, Rev. Michael S. Piazza tells the story of the Cathedral of Hope and its growth against all odds. It is Piazza's most personal and passionate book yet. We simply cannot allow Christianity to become a fundamentalist, vindictive, excluding religion. I believe our progressive values and vision are most congruent with the gospels witness of who Jesus was and what he taught. We cannot allow the world to come to believe Jesus is the vengeful fundamentalist messiah that, all too often, he is depicted to be. We have a word of grace to speak to the soul of a hurting world. We cannot be silent. We must not allow our witness to die away. It is my conviction that what we have to offer is exactly what people need at this time in history. We must not be apologetic or timid in offering.

Michael S. Piazza is a spiritual visionary, author and social justice advocate who currently serves as Director of Congregational Vitality of the Center for Progressive Renewal in Atlanta. He was Dean of the Cathedral of Hope, as well as President of Hope for Peace & Justice, a non-profit ministry of Cathedral of Hope whose mission is equipping progressive people of faith to be champions for peace and justice. He holds bachelor degrees in history and psychology from Valdosta State College in Georgia and a Master of Divinity from the Candler School of Theology, Emory University in Atlanta. The Advocate magazine named Rev. Piazza one of the most influential people in the gay and lesbian movement. He has six published books.

Published by Sources of Hope Publishing

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