Patterns of Polity | Varieties of Church Governance (Long)

Patterns of Polity | Varieties of Church Governance (Long) Sale


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This book offers an overview and a comparison of the major types of polity. Patterns of Polity provides a context for studying one's own polity as well as aiding in ecumenical relations with other Christians. Without judging which of these polities is most biblically grounded or theologically valid, the various essays describe how each of the polities actually work, what they do particularly well, and with which issue they struggle.


Edward LeRoy Long, Jr. is Pearsall Professor Emeritus of Christian Ethics and Theology of Culture at Drew University. He taught religion at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and Oberlin College and is past president of both the Society of Christian Ethics and the American Theological Society. He is the author of thirteen books.


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