More Bad Girls of the Bible (Essex)

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Barbara Essex has returned with a command performance, More Bad Girls of the Bible, focusing on fourteen new stories of biblical women from the Hebrew Bible and New Testament: Hagar; Shiphrah and Puah; Miriam; Zipporah; Bathsheba; Rizpah; Huldah; a crippled woman; the Syrophoenician woman; Martha and Mary; Samaritan woman at the well; and Mary Magdalene. Inspired by the success of the bestselling Bible study Bad Girls of the Bible: Exploring Women of Questionable VirtueMore Bad Girls has become a favorite of teachers and preachers everywhere, with Bible study groups, sermon series, retreat themes, and seminary classes forming across the country.

Barbara J. Essex
is a best-selling author of The Pilgrim Press. She has written 10 books, including the bestselling Bible studies: Bad Girls of the Bible and Bad Boys of the Bible. Essex is an ordained United Church of Christ Minister and Executive Director at The United Protestant Campus Ministries in Cleveland.

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Paperback: 127 pages (5.5 x 8.5 in.)

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