Living Bountifully | The Blessings of Responsible Stewardship (Hollies)

Living Bountifully | The Blessings of Responsible Stewardship (Hollies) Sale


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Why are some of the most religious women lacking in cash reserves, land equity or stock portfolios? Jesus spent a great deal of time speaking to his followers about money and property. Hollies concludes that these are issues which women in general and women of color in particular need to address in their personal lives. In Living Bountifully!, she shares her lessons, strategies, and experiences of godly stewardship.

Through the little-known stories of Mahlah, Hoglah, Milcah, and other women, Hollies shows how we can live abundantly by applying God's economic principles to our lives.



Linda Hollies was an ordained United Methodist minister and the pastor of Calvary United Methodist Church in Jackson, Michigan. She was a popular writer and speaker, and the spiritual director/pastoral counselor of WomanSpace in Grand Rapids, Michigan. One of The Pilgrim Press's best-selling authors, she wrote over one dozen books.

Paperback: 105 pages (6 x 9 in.)


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