Let Us Pray | A Little Kid's Guide to the Eucharist (Turrell)

Let Us Pray | A Little Kid's Guide to the Eucharist (Turrell)


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A kid-friendly, illustrated primer on the sacrament of the Eucharist.

Jennie Turrell walked into All Saints' Chapel on Good Friday, when her three-year-old son stopped her in the darkened doorway and quietly whispered, "Uh-oh." At that moment, she realized that changes in the physical space of the liturgy mattered to him. She had been whispering in his ear during liturgies since he was a baby, but it wasn't until that day that she knew he had been taking it all in - sights and sounds - all of it. In spite of squawking at inopportune times, crawling in the side aisle or narthex when sermons ran too long, drawing on the bulletin, dropping the heavy Book of Common Prayer on his toes, or standing on chairs, her son was present, aware, and sharing in the Eucharist. This is how her little book for little hands came to life. Her son was a consultant on the book from beginning to end.

An engaging book for children, ages 2 - 8, to follow the liturgy and participate in ways that are appropriate for them. Beautiful images and age-appropriate language follow the liturgy.

JENNIE TURRELL teaches visual art at Franklin County High School in Winchester, Tennessee, where she also helps work to create opportunities for her students to pursue further education after graduation. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in art and a Master's Degree in elementary education. She lives in Sewanee, Tennessee.

Paper / 64 pages
Abingdon Press

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