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This Latin Cross (also called the Roman, Protestant, Western, or Plain Cross) is made in Jerusalem of olive wood.   

Sale of this product benefits the work of Global Ministries ( in the Middle East and the Siraj Center (, a program of the Palestinian Center for Rapprochement between People ( Siraj has led in driving the development of responsible tourism and re-branding Palestine as a destination for experiential travel and human connection. Siraj trains locals within rural and Bedouin communities to become the decision-makers and owners of the packages which Siraj offers to visitors, thus increasing local engagement, economic benefits through job creation, and chances for improved social development. Siraj has led in creating best practices that result in positive impacts and minimize negative effects on the environment and Palestinian cultural heritage.  

Available in three sizes:
Large - 12.75" height x 8.25" width (Not available)
Medium - 11.75" height x 7" width  (Limited supply in stock)
Small - 9.75" height x 5.75" width   (Not available)

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