The 3 Great Loves daily action calendar for creating a just world for all

The 3 Great Loves daily action calendar for creating a just world for all Sale


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Did you know that changing the world begins with you?

Welcome to JustAct, the 3 Great Loves Daily Action calendar by the United Church of Christ! We believe that every day brings new beginnings and new opportunities. Because of this, we bring you a calendar inspired by 3 Great Loves, our denomination-wide mission initiative. We are telling the story of how God’s love inspires us to engage in acts of love towards our neighbors, children and creation. Use this calendar as a guide and share your actions with us; No action is too small, and no story is too insignificant to share.

Use the QR code to share your story with us and see what others are doing, and follow #3greatloves on social media to see 3 Great Loves in action; together we can make a difference.

  • Youth groups
  • New members
  • Confirmation gifts
  • Use in church bulletins & newsletters

We invite you to live out the love of God and JustAct every day towards a Just World for All.

365 Daily Actions. Click here for daily samples

Published December 2018 
Perpetual desktop flip calendar with easel stand. 5.25" W x 4.75" H

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