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Today’s 20- and 30-somethings aren’t just watching a world around them crying out in great need—they’re mobilizing to answer that cry. With lattes in hand, laptops at the ready, updating their Facebook status, and announcing to the Twitterverse “this is important,” they are looking into the face of soaring injustice, raising awareness, seeking opportunity, and being hope in a struggling world.

It’s Not All About You is written by a diverse team of writers: Some grew up in church, others have never set foot in a sanctuary. Some have a decade of international professional experience while others are just starting their undergrad degree. They have voluntarily served in the military, in a food co-op, in an inner city clinic.

Motivated by deep faith or just simple concern, and living and breathing against the stereotypes of their generation, the young adults who are part of this book— this conversation—are well aware that it’s not all about them. It’s about all of us, and what we do—already do, can do, should do, must do—to make it a better world. Be inspired to create change.

Great for a solo read or with a small reading group, with discussion questions at the end of each essay.

Chapters and Contributors:
Part 1: Send/Receive
Call (Marc Istook)
Reflections from East Africa (Shelvis & Nancy Smith-Mather)
A War on Two Fronts (Joshua Dobbs)
Legacy, Responsibility, and Faith (Kendra Dunbar)

Part 2: Let Me Get Back to You
Difference Makes a Difference (Erika Roman Saint-Pierre)
Camp Bani (Joe Geoghegan and Chloe Grammer)
Current City: ____________ (Michael Wagner)
And Let’s Be Honest... (Joshua E. Perry)
The Day We Didn’t Go to Church (Amy Jonason)

Part 3: Static Disconnect
Frontera (Dan Millis)
Coffee Can Change (Jennifer Fischer)
Stealing Back the Future (Kristen Walling)
The Slow Examples of Lifetimes (Katherine Bell and Jill Delaney)
Conclusion (or, “Now What?”) (Courtney Richards)

Julie Richardson Brown is a graduate of Berry College (B.A., 1997) and Lexington Theological Seminary (M. Div., 2002). She currently serves on the Leadership Team for the Disciples Youth Ministry Network ( and has participated as counselor, director and/or featured speaker at a number of Disciples youth camps and conferences in Georgia, North Carolina and Kentucky. She is the co-editor of It’s Not All About You, a series of essays for and by young adults about what it means to engage in mission as a way of life.

Courtney Richards is the Minister for Congregational Growth at Geist Christian Church in Indianapolis, IN. After attending to the details of her ministry (and sometimes before and during!), you can find her divining AND detailing the fun of a dance floor and the groove of a bass line (she's blessed with lots of local musician pals), being Auntie Rev to her friends’ kids, or engrossed in a book, movie, or chocolate (and sometimes all three).

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