Holding On. . .While Letting Go | Reflections in Times of Grave Illness (Hemenway)

Holding On. . .While Letting Go | Reflections in Times of Grave Illness (Hemenway)


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No one enjoys being in the hospital. It's a scary place filled with strange smells, sounds, and people. You count the days, feel the pain, try to understand, are courageous going through tests and treatments and exams. . .and wait to go home. Joan Hemenway helps you find ways to take this all to God and find the strength to go one in Holding On. . .While Letting Go.

More in-depth than a greeting card, these inspirational booklets help you find the right words...a caring thought...a comforting reflection. Whether used by a pastor or caregiver, or given from friend to friend, these booklets communicate compassion in extraordinary ways.

Single copy: $5.00
Bulk - 10 copies: $40.00 (reg. $50.00)
Bulk - 25 copies: $87.50 (reg. $125.00)

Joan E. Hemenway,
whose contributions to the pastoral care, counseling, and education movement were cut short by her untimely death, was also the author of Inside the Circle: A Historical and Practical Inquiry Concerning Process.

Paperback: 24 pages (5.5 x 5.5 in.)

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