Hardwired | Finding the God You Already Know (Miller)

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Building on the biblical principle that God’s existence is plain in what God has made, Hardwired: Finding the God You Already Know makes the case for our natural lives giving us a language for God’s existence. Filled with humor, metaphor, and whimsy, Hardwired will empower you to find God. It’s readable and fun, even as it rests on a credible, scholarly foundation. Miller begins with the language of our own lives: seekers / questioners / ”Nones” and “Somes” who need only to examine their lives, their human existence, to find God.

James Miller is senior pastor of the dynamic Glenkirk Church, in San Gabriel Valley, California, and has degrees from Fuller Seminary, Princeton Seminary, and UC Berkeley. He is a frequent speaker at conferences, graduations, and camps. He and his wife Yolanda live in Glendora, California.

Paperback: 192 pages
Publisher: Abingdon Press (September, 2013)

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