Give Up Something Bad for Lent | A Lenten Study for Adults (Moore)

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During Lent each year we give up something as an act of sacrifice and spiritual discipline. Often it is something we like to eat, like chocolate, knowing that come Easter Sunday we can once again enjoy what we have given up. James Moore challenges us, as he did himself, to take it further. Why not give up something spiritually that we would be better off not doing? He asks us to intentionally, with God's help, focus on eliminating one habit or attitude that is destructive in our lives. Imagine giving up envy, jealousy, self-pity, apathy, procrastination, gossip, resentment, negative thinking. How much better your life would be!

Take the days of Lent to use this study and prepare to give up something “Bad” while preparing to fully embrace the "Good News" of Easter. Study includes seven sessions, one for each Sunday in Lent and Easter Sunday. Each session features a Scripture reference, a personal reading, questions for personal reflection or group study, and closing prayer.

Author: James W. Moore

Pub. Date: 12/1/2012
Publisher: Abingdon Press

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