Funerals With Today's Families In Mind | A Handbook For Pastors (McFarlane)

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Building on the success of Weddings with Today's Families In Mind: A Handbook for Pastors , Doreen McFarlane's new book for pastors focuses on the subject of funerals: how to conduct a meaningful funeral or memorial service and how to be a truly sensitive caregiver to today's often complex families in their time of bereavement. Part 1 covers family issues that arise in preparation for the funeral. Part 2 focuses on the day of the service. Part 3 deals with special circumstances and includes funerals for: victims of suicide, gays and lesbians, children and younger people; ecumenical and interfaith funerals; and funerals in which some attendees are physically or mentally challenged. Part 4 contains a selection of biblical passages and sermons. Part 5 shares ideas about cremation vs. burial, creating a memorial garden on your church property, and preparing a "death and dying" resource booklet for church members.

Doreen M. McFarlane
, an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ for over fifteen years, is visiting professor of Hebrew, Greek, and Old Testament at the Nanjing Union Theological Seminary in China, the foremost seminary in China. She received her Ph.D. from Chicago Theological Seminary and her M.Div. from Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago. She is the author of Weddings with Today's Families in Mind: A Handbook for Pastors (The Pilgrim Press, 2007).

Paperback: 144 pages (6 x 9 in.)

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