Finding Bethlehem in the Midst of Bedlam | Advent Studies (Moore)

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Bethlehem always happens in the midst of bedlam. Christmas or confusion, Bethlehem or bedlam...Which will you choose this year? The truth is, we don't have to choose, because Christmas always happens right in the midst of our confusion. God breaks into our confusion and is made known as a human infant. Christmas and confusion--weren't they intimately related at the first Christmas when Jesus was born? Sometimes we forget that. But, that's what this study is about--how Christ breaks into our chaos and confusion and brings Christmas--how Bethlehem always happens in the midst of bedlam.

One study available:

Children: Contains five lessons that delve into the Luke account of Jesus' birth through an ADVENTure to find Bethlehem. Kids will have opportunities to really experience the story of Mary, Joseph, Gabriel, the shepherds, and Jesus. The guide is simple to use, and includes reproducible activities for each session.

James W. Moore is a best-selling author of more than 40 books and an acclaimed pastor and ordained elder in The United Methodist Church. He has led congregations in Jackson, Tennessee; Shreveport, Louisiana; and most recently, Houston, Texas. In 2006, after 50 years of active ministry, he retired from full-time ministry and moved to the Dallas area, where he currently serves as Minister-in-Residence at Highland Park United Methodist Church. He and his wife, June, live at Heritage Ranch in Fairview, Texas.

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