Fimi Sile Forever (Ikpo)

Fimi Sile Forever (Ikpo)


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Fimí sílẹ̀ Forever, which means Heaven gave it to me, is the title of this novel about Olawale and Oluwole, dreadlocked Yoruba lawyers, minority human rights activists fighting for a better Nigeria. Bisexual and closeted, Olawale has spent his adult life protecting and defending his charismatic, more evidently homosexual twin; but when the Same Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act becomes law, they, their family, and the women who love them are caught in a savage spotlight that threatens to wreck all their lives. In the midst of this, Wole and Wale must deal with an estranged convict father whose unexpected reappearance brings dark and troubling family secrets to light.

Fimí sílẹ̀ Forever celebrates the enduring power of love, desire, faith, patriotism and human rights struggle in the face of political oppression and religious prejudice in Nigeria today. 

Author: Nnanna Ikpo

Pub date: 2017
Publisher: Team Angelica
318 pages
ISBN: 9780995516205

Sponsored by the Open and Affirming Coalition of the United Church of Christ.

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