Extravagant Welcome | A Training Guide for Greeters

Extravagant Welcome | A Training Guide for Greeters


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Hospitality grows churches. Radical hospitality nurtures vitality in churches. Hospitality is evangelism in its simplest form.Those are three and true powerful statements. Authentic, genuine hospitality is the easiest way to show everyone who the church really is and how serious the church is about following the mandate of Jesus to reach out and make disciples.

This guide is designed to train a small group of people who can then develop more intensive and ongoing training for the entire congregation based on your specific successes and needs. Topics for training include:

  • Prayer and Bible Study
  • The Selection Process: Choosing Those Who Have the Gift of Hospitality
  • Know Your Church: You Can't Share What You Don't Know
  • Effective Communication: Saying and Doing the Appropriate Things
  • Extend Hospitality
  • Saying Good-bye
Two versions available:


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