Embracing Forgiveness | Barbara Cawthorne Crafton on What It Is and What It Isn't

Embracing Forgiveness | Barbara Cawthorne Crafton on What It Is and What It Isn't Sale


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Join popular speaker and author Barbara Cawthorne Crafton as she explores forgiveness in the newest Embracing study. Like other programs, it features two components, purchased separately: (1) A DVD with five 10-15 minute presentations, followed by a video of the guest lecturer interacting with a small group as they discuss the issues, and (2) a participant workbook containing all the material needed by class participants as well as for the facilitator. 5- to 10-week study for adults and young adults. Unique DVD-workbook format is like having Barbara Crafton sitting in with your small group, sharing insights and inviting you into discussion.

Each of the "Embracing" units begins with a five DVD session video, a 10-15 minute presentation by Tim Scorer followed by filmed interaction with a diverse small group of adults. The Participant's Workbook then helps your own local small group "join the conversation." It includes all study materials need by participants and those who lead. Each participant will need one copy. The Embracing Series is ideal for adult and young-adult small groups, Christian educators, clergy, chaplains and campus ministries.

Barbara Cawthorne Crafton
is an Episcopal priest, spiritual director, and author. She was rector of St. Clement's Church in Manhattan's Theatre district and also a chaplain on the waterfront of New York. She served both historic Trinity Church, Wall Street and St. John's Church in Greenwich Village. She was a chaplain at Ground Zero during the recovery effort after the WTC bombing. She heads The Geranium Farm, an institute for the promotion of spiritual growth.

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