Eight Preachers Go to Hell | Reflections on the Place No One Wants to Go

Eight Preachers Go to Hell | Reflections on the Place No One Wants to Go Sale


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You may think you already know everything about hell that you need to know. The eight preachers who wrote this book thought they did, too. Each one is a pastor of a church where hell is almost never mentioned: churches often called liberal, progressive, or mainline Protestant, where the threat of hell does not seem real.

So, they challenged themselves to investigate further and discover what they really thought.

Eight Preachers Go to Hell will open up a few new windows on the concept of hell:
Hell shows up in curses ("Go to hell!"), in therapy sessions, in many of our hymns, and less often in the Bible than most people think.
Hell was not a favorite subject of Jesus.
The person sitting next to you in your pew doesn't necessarily think what you think.
Hell is big enough to manage multiple perspectives.
Hell is also a metaphor that is rarely examined.

Essay topics include:
Heaven and Hell Are the Same Place
Dante, Siri and the Ultimate Bad Selfie
Hell, Yes?
One of the Better Curses

and more

If you never think about hell and you're sure there's no such place, read this book of reflections. You will almost certainly never think about hell the same way again.

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