GS 33 Communion Sets and Altar Cloths

GS 33 Communion Sets and Altar Cloths


GS 33 Communion Sets and Altar Cloths

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Pre-order now.  To receive before General Synod, order before May 30, 2021.  Orders placed after that date will ship, but we can not guarantee the order will arrive before General Synod begins.

United Church of Christ, gathered in General Synod 33—Rooted in Love:

…like trees
   planted by streams of water,
which yield their fruit in its season,
   and their leaves do not wither.
In all that they do, they prosper. (Psalm 1:3)

General Synod 33 will take place entirely online, including worship. Delegates and visitors will gather at their own computers or in living rooms to participate virtually from their homes or offices. Because our congregation will not share a common sacred space, we have invited the fabric artists of Sew[i]ng Creations, and the glass blowers of Remark Glass, to help us create home altars with elements based on the theme of General Synod 33.  Altar cloths and glass communion vessels play with the patterns and colors suggested by the image of trees by the water, offering a beautiful common foundation on which each individual or household can build their own expressions of the sacred.  Settings created for worship leaders will include these designs and colors, and so offer another thread or prism of connection among all of us gathered apart yet together.

Altar Cloths:

Created to fit on a desktop or coffee table as the center of a home altar. (12” x 18”)  High quality cotton printed with original blue and brown pattern of spiraling roots complements the design of the worship leaders’ settings.  Designed and made by Sew[i]ng Creations.

Sew[i]ng Creations offers the liturgical artwork of the New Mexico daughter-and-mother team of Jennifer and Christine Ng. Jen is a fabric artist specializing in narrative fabric design who apprenticed under Brenda Grauer of In Stitches. Chris is an ordained UCC minister and spiritual director who also pastors First United Church of Christ Second Life.  You can find more of their work on their website: 

Communion sets:

Chalice and paten made of hand blown, recycled glass in tree-root-water colors of green, blue and brown.  Created for individual or small household use. Allow us to choose the colors for you.  Hand blown glass by the artisans of Remark Glass.

Remark Glass is a zero-waste certified, woman-owned business in Philadelphia, PA.

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Chalice & Paten:  $36.00
6 oz.  8"
Blue, Green, Brown.

Communion cloth:  $16.00
12" x 18" Cotton/linen.

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