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Explore the Lands of the Old and New Testaments. The Common English Bible Map Guide opens up the scripture by placing the events of the Bible in time and space. It shows where the events of the Bible happened and includes the 21 CEB maps produced by National Geographic in a beautiful full color format. A brief narrative is with each map describing what is shown and what chapters and verses of the Bible are being illustrated. Sidebars, photgraphs, and timelines bring out even more interesting facts about the lands of the Bible. Featured are: Palestine, Egypt, Canaan, Babylonia, the Persian Empire, the Hellenistic kingdoms in Daniel, the Roman Empire, Jerusalem, and Paul's journeys. An index makes it easy to locate the places that are mentioned.

Paperback: 48 pages
Product Dimensions: 10 x 15 inches

What is the CEB?
The CEB is not simply a revision or update of an existing translation. It is a bold new translation designed to meet the needs of Christians as they work to build a strong and meaningful relationship with God through Jesus Christ. The CEB is perfectly suited for use in public worship and reading aloud. This bold new version avoids obscure words and outdated phrases, removing language barriers to ensure an enjoyable, natural reading experience for young and old, believers and seekers. The result is a completely accurate translation of the original texts that's relevant, readable, reliable, and easily understood today.

Who Sponsored the Common English Bible (CEB)?
The translators and editors that worked on the CEB are from various denominations and locations around the world. The CEB translation was funded by the Church Resources Development Corp, which allows for cooperation among denominational publishers in the development and distribution of Bibles, curriculum, and worship materials. The CEB Committee meets periodically and consists of denominational publishers from the following denominations: United Church of Christ (The Pilgrim Press); Disciples of Christ (Chalice Press); Presbyterian Church U.S.A. (Westminster John Knox Press); Episcopal Church (Church Publishing Inc); and The United Methodist Church (Abingdon Press).

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