Chile Handmade Cards - PK of 5

Chile Handmade Cards - PK of 5


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Chile Handmade Cards:

Since 1982, Global Ministries partner Popular Education in Health (EPES) has trained grassroots community leaders in health matters ranging from emergency first aid to national issues of public health such as HIV and AIDS, anti-smoking campaigns, advocacy around family violence, and recovery after natural disaster. EPES’ work takes place through grassroots groups of health promoters that they train; participants go on to train other health promoters in new health groups in neighborhoods of the capital city Santiago, and in several locations in and near the southern Chile city of Concepcion. Some of the grassroots health groups which EPES originally trained, have been serving their communities for more than 30 years, while other health groups are newly formed.  

Many EPES grassroots health promoters are important and sometimes sole economic support for their families, and some have formed small microcredit businesses to generate income. One such health promoter produces these beautiful handmade cards to support her household. These particular cards feature a small arpillera, a traditional Chilean art form that depicts both the positive and negative of daily life of poor communities. Proceeds from the sale of these cards will go to other Global Ministries partners who support microcredit and income-generation initiatives.

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5 Cards with envelopes. Blank inside.  Mixed colors.

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