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CAFFEINE Youth Curriculum CAFFEINE Youth Curriculum CAFFEINE Youth Curriculum CAFFEINE Youth Curriculum CAFFEINE Youth Curriculum CAFFEINE Youth Curriculum CAFFEINE Youth Curriculum CAFFEINE Youth Curriculum

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Looking for new ways to engage youth in Bible study? Try CAFFEINE, an energizing youth resource that's inspiring and just plain fun! Through 8 different themes, CAFFEINE engages youth with imaginative retellings of Bible stories they can relate to. (Ages 15-24)

ALL titles available as a PDF download. Some titles available as a book.
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Caffeine + Cash - Book, PDF
Issues of money, employment, bosses, power, and work.

Caffeine + Celebration - Book, PDF
Celebrations in the church year, why we do what we do in the church.

Caffeine + Character - PDF
How to add more flavor to your personality. Your character shows the world who you are. 

Caffeine + Christ - PDF
Discover Christ and the importance of his presence in your everyday life.

Caffeine + Chutzpah - Book, PDF

Explore 18 biblical people with "chutzpah," such as God, Satan, Mary, Martha, and other bold folks.

Caffeine + Commitment -  PDF
What if that barista in your coffee shop was Jesus? Explore Jesus' and God's presence in your life.

Caffeine + Confusion - PDF
Uncover deeper meanings in some Bible stories that will help you with making decisions.

Caffeine + Courage -  PDF
Does it seem like stuff always happens to you? Chomp down and do right, even when it hurts.

Steven Case, a licensed minister in the United Church of Christ, currently serves as director of youth ministries at Windmere Union United Church of Christ in Windmere, Florida. Case is a Pilgrim Press author. Case has been in youth ministry for more than 20 years. He has written several books for Youth Specialties including Everything Counts and Road Rules. A celebrated workshop leader, Steven speaks at seminars around the country. He lives in Florida with his wife, Becky, and his own teens, Aprille and Eric.


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