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Is your church participating in the UCC's "3 Great Loves" campaign? This is an opportunity to express how our Love of Neighbor, Love of Children, and Love of Creation work together to address inequities in our current world.  (Click here to learn more.)

A new bundle of 3 great loves resources at over 43% off.

Bundle includes:

1             Banner (Pictured)
5             Posters
50          Tattoos
5             Magnets
25           Brochures
1             Just Act Calendar
10           Pens
10           Buttons
5             Phone Grips

Remember to bring your banner inside during high winds.
Sturdy, 4' high x 8' wide (horizontal), made of 13-oz. vinyl with grommets for easy hanging.

Email us 24/7/365 at store@ucc.org with any questions.

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