And Still We Rise | A Six-Part Study on Personal & Congregational Transformation (Bohren, Jha, and Pociecha)

And Still We Rise | A Six-Part Study on Personal & Congregational Transformation (Bohren, Jha, and Pociecha)


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And Still We Rise: A Six-Part Study on Personal & Congregational Transformation is a congregational Bible study that will help you to begin to develop a scriptural understanding of transformation. The authors, H. Benjamin Bohren, Sanhya R. Jha and Paula B. Pociecha, will move you through anxieties about change, the need to trust in God's power, what you has to give up in order to open yourself to God's transforming plans, and how to become transformers in a congregation and in the community. And Still We Rise is a six-week study is designed to be flexible to your congregation's needs it can be adapted to a group of four or 400, and it can be facilitated by anyone.


"The spiritual dimension of church transformation is the most important of all. This study provides an excellent means for a congregation to explore the most important questions and to begin the journey toward becoming a 'new creation!'" Dick Hamm, coach-consultant, author of Recreating the Church: Leadership for the Postmodern Age

"Make use of it with a visioning team, a home fellowship group, or as a whole church study. And Still We Rise combines community building and creative spiritual practices with worship and scripturally centered discovery to convey both the awareness and urgency of true transformation in the church. The study offers no 'magic wand,' yet manifests how transforming power is God inspired and likely when met with an individual resolute heart willingly and actively engaged in covenant relationships. Yes, and that such God-led hearts, collectively, can alter the life of an entire congregation (and even the world)! Tom Warren, pastor, Oakdale Christian Church, Oakdale, California

"Deeply grounded in biblical narratives, this resource for small group gatherings has it all prayer practices, scripture study, a flowing session structure, and the right topics for today's Christian leaders.  The introductory notes gracefully guide leaders of the sessions with clear directions balanced with room for the facilitator's own creative flair. This resource works well for small groups or larger groups that break into small discussion cells. It is accessible in language and learning style to groups of many ages and could be used well intergenerationally or as the grist for a sermon series. Cathy Myers Wirt, regional minister, Christian Church in Oregon and editor of New Day magazine.

Paperback: pages: 48
Size: 11.00 x 8.50 inches

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