Aging Faithfully | 28 Days of Prayer (Buchanan)

Aging Faithfully | 28 Days of Prayer (Buchanan)


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Aging is part of God's plan and it's a gift, not punishment, says Missy Buchanan.

Buchanan reminds us that aging is a matter of perspective if we fix our eyes on negative images of growing old, we will miss the treasures right in front of us. But when we focus on God, we discover an abiding joy that comes only with a long life.

Aging Faithfully is divided into 4 weekly themes:

    • Accepting the Challenges of Aging
    • Finding God's Purpose in Aging
    • Overcoming the Temptations of Aging
    • Discovering the Joys of Aging

    Each week contains daily Bible-based readings, scripture, prayer, and suggestions for application or deeper thought. At the back of the book you'll find reflection questions that can be used for group discussion or further individual exploration.

    Let each day's reading wash over you. Prepare your heart to discover what it means to age joyfully and faithfully.

    A great resource for Sunday school classes and small groups! Also makes a great gift for homebound persons.

    Missy Buchanan

    Publisher: Upper Room Books

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