A Position of Faith / Bi-sex' u-al (DVD)

A Position of Faith / Bi-sex' u-al (DVD) Sale


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These two videos about sexual orientation are combined into one DVD.

A Position of Faith tells the story of the landmark event of Bill Johnson's ordination as the first openly gay man, and the process that made it possible. The story is poignant and inspirational, and includes a letter from Bill Johnson’s mother, interviews with Bill, young people, and church leaders (clergy and lay), who either supported or opposed Bill’s candidacy.

bi-sex’ u-al was created to encourage dialogue about bisexual orientation and identification. This video will not answer all questions about bisexuality. It is an introduction to three individuals through their own stories of faith and sexuality.  We hope it will inspire you to think deeply about these stories, and your own story, in the light of faith.

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