2019 UCC Yearbook & Directory

2019 UCC Yearbook & Directory Sale


2019 UCC Yearbook & Directory

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The Yearbook helps keep you connected to the UCC, with data such as:

  • Statistics for each local church
  • All local church mailing addresses, phone numbers, and websites
  • A directory of national ministries and other UCC national bodies
  • A directory of conferences, colleges, universities, seminaries, and institutions related to the UCC

Click here to order Access UCC and get online, real-time UCC Yearbook & Directory data.
Click here to order the 2019 Statistical Profile alone.

The 2019 Statistical Profile includes the most up-to-date statistics about the United Church of Christ based primarily on the 2019 Yearbook & Directory. Through tables, graphs, and commentary, the 2019 Statistical Profile highlights current trends in UCC congregations, ministers, and finances as well as special reports from various ministries of the UCC. 

Yearbook Paperback: $35.00
Yearbook & Statistical Profile: $40.00


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